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Data Kitchen


Data Kitchen: A part of “Data Space by SAP
Creative Direction and Coordination of a Consortium of Specialists

Working closely with the renowned restaurateur Cookie Heinz Gindullis, we developed -> Data Kitchen for SAP. This concept restaurant delivers high culinary standards for working breakfasts and lunch breaks, coupling limited time for regeneration and the slow food movement.

The key to this is the digitisation of processes: food ordering is managed from the office or from home through either the proprietary app or website – with the meal to be ready at a time of the guest’s choosing. This frees up more time in the restaurant for the essentials: interaction with colleagues and enjoyment of freshly prepared food. The process is cashless, with payment being taken care of online.

Data Space by SAP provides an inspiring environment for eating and collaboration; to this end, automation is used sensitively, not to dehumanise, but integrated where useful. What enables this, is, above all, the very heart of the Data Kitchen: The Food Wall.

The Food Wall consists of 20 boxes into which the kitchen staff on one side place dishes ordered by customers. The boxes can then be opened by guests from the other side using the Data Kitchen app.
The box flaps are opened pneumatically. Further sensors indicate when the boxes are full and when the flaps are open. Behind the scenes, apps in the kitchen facilitate the timely preparation of freshly cooked dishes and automatically update guests on the status of their order. As soon as the food is ready for collection, all the relevant information for the order is shown on the transparent box flaps: that is, customer name as a polygonal avatar and a dynamically generated visualisation of the ingredients used.

Data Space by SAP includes furthermore an event space, the Data Hall, and the Data Room, an innovative co-working room developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab.

Data Space by SAP including the Data Kitchen is located Rosenthaler Strasse 38 in Berlin’s central Mitte district.