We are daring and caring – with a dash of humor.

We are Teflon to the vast amount of superlatives that social media, news and commercials kick at us. To communicate with an audience we are allowed to be humble again if, at the same time, we are daring and caring – with a dash of humor.


The process of creating an event, a campaign or/and a visual identity starts with the same questions:

Why should someone care about you/your company?
Do you care about your products/content?

First we have to care about our message/product ourselves, then we are able to tell the story and create empathy in our audience.
Providing a livelihood for a family is a good reason but we humans long for something more, something that resonates with the core of our being. We want our lives to have meaning and to be part of something bigger. It can be an idea/experience that is playful, surprising, or pierces the shell of our comfort zone. An adventure.

Is the world a better place because of you?

That is a difficult question and frankly I don’t know how to answer it for myself. Be realistic about the impact of your product/message – socially and ecologically. Is there a greater good or is it even harmful?
When we spend energy and effort on a new undertaking this is what we should be asking to produce an outcome that is worth our time.



Creative concept development for events, product launches, exhibitions, conferences, restaurants.

Identify the requirements of client and audience/customers; define experience principles; set up mood boards; identify data and technology; assess technology, process and organizational needs for realization.



Corporate identity; logo and stationary; website design and development; editorial design; poster campaigns.



I work closely with Cookies Events. They offer event planning, complete execution of events and catering. They realize events throughout Europe with such an appreciation for quality they raise the bar every time.